Monday, May 2, 2011

These little guys were born under the building my wife and I lived in in Mosman until recently. All white bunnies were from the same litter along with two little grey bunnies. Unfortunately only one white bunny survived and the two greys . . . cats. It's still a joy to see them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Meet Thumpy, it's been a year since he came into our lives and much has changed for him and us. This blog is born out of frustration and some ways anger towards the lack of respect these creatures get here in Australia . . . in some cases plain hostility.

I've come to discover a deep almost spiritual connection with these animals that I never felt with other pets. Like all animals they deserve to have their right to exist recognized, and not just rabbits other rodents too after all, WE OWE OUR LIVES TO THEM . . . why?

How many have perished in the name of science?

My dream, is to find a way to give them and other so called 'pests' rights especially when kept as pets. Every year councils on Sydney's North Shore introduce airborne viruses designed to cull them, as a rabbit owner I and others have to fork out up to $70  per rabbit for immunization, for one thing I think councils should pay for that. Unfortunately no vaccination is allowed for the worst, myxomatosis.

Ferrel cats and dogs are a huge destructive impact on the native wildlife and yet cat and dog owners have rights, there is no reason why the same rights can't be afforded to rabbit owners. All pet owners should and usually are responsible for their pets.

This blog is for rabbit owners to share their experiences (and photos) and help educate others on how to keep them and look after them.